Tony Kushner's A Bright Room Called Day follows an intimate circle of Berliners from January 1933-October 1934 as they gather in the apartment of Agnes Eggling to collectively navigate the Weimar Republic's dissolution and Nazi party's meteoric rise. This Berlin timescape is periodically interrupted by Zillah, an American woman living in Reagan-era New York with a mounting sense of political dread. Invulnerable Nothings presented A Bright Room Called Day through special arrangement with Josef Weinberger Ltd. and The Gersh Agency in site responsive apartment stagings in both Bath and Bristol (South West premier). This production featured the work of American, British, and German collaborators animated by Kushner's text in a post-Brexit, post-Trump context.

Photos by Niklas Aarre


-June 7-18, 2017:  Bath Fringe Festival with The Curfew Inn , Bath UK

-June 22-25, 2017: The Milk Bar, Bristol UK

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A Bright Room Called Day featured Jaclyn Bethany as Zillah Katz, Geraldine Brennan/ Anna Christian as Die Alte, Katherine Hipkiss as Agnes Eggling, Daniel Lewis-Jones as Emil Traum/Gottfried Swetts, Ryan Mellish as Gregor Bazwald, Aimee Pollock as Annabella Gotchling, Tamara Ritthaler as Rosa Malek, Derekk Ross as Vealtninc Husz, and Charlotte Turner-McMullan as Paulinka Erdnuss as well as the work of C.C. Kellogg (director/set), Alexander Latham (lighting/ projections), Gates Torrey (sound design/original composition), and Emma Wollenskey (costumes/set).

Special thanks to 44AD Gallery, Niklas Aarre, Roger Apfelbaum, The Bath Fringe Festival, Bath Spa Live!, The Curfew Inn, Samuel De La Torre, The Milk Bar, Daniel Murphy, Theatre Bath, Theatre Bristol, and Vintage to Vogue.

Katherine Hipkiss as Agnes Eggling. Shot by Niklas Aarre

Katherine Hipkiss as Agnes Eggling. Shot by Niklas Aarre