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The Pussy Grabber Plays

In conjunction with BKE Productions, New River Press, and Theatre Handmade, Invulnerable Nothings was pleased to present the London premier of The Pussy Grabber Plays at The Playground Theatre on Feb. 20, 2019. This sold out event featured performances from Greta Bellamacina, Nina Bowers, Tallula Christie, Peta Cornish, Kate Handford, Kat Hipkiss, Allegra Marland, Georgie Oulton, Tilly Vosburgh, and Kristin Winters, among others, as directed by Jaclyn Bethany, C.C. Kellogg, and Joanne Williams in benefit of Planned Parenthood International.

In The Pussy Grabber Plays, playwrights Julia Brownell, Sam Chanse, Halley Feiffer, Sharon Kenny, Melissa Li, Sharyn Rothstein, Natasha Stoynoff, Bess Wohl, and Anna Ziegler explore the stories of Rachel Crooks, Tasha Dixon, Jill Harth, Samantha Holvey, Jessica Leeds, Natasha Stoynoff and Karena Virginia, 7 brave women who spoke out about their sexual assaults by President Donald Trump. To find out more about this significant cycle of short plays, please visit the official Pussy Grabber Plays website or see our recent interview in Ingenue Magazine.

Letter from the Founders:

In the lead up to the 2016 election, 19 brave women came forward with stories of sexual harassment and assault by the man who is now the Pussy Grabber-in-Chief. Almost exactly a year later, as the #MeToo movement began to spark real change, we were dismayed and furious to see that these women who had paved the way to #MeToo had been largely forgotten or reduced to a number.

As theater-makers, we knew we could help to share their stories so that their courage would continue to reverberate throughout the country. Tonight, we get to bring these stories to life, harnessing the power of theater to ignite conversation, create community, make change and spread awareness of harassment and assault.

These scripts are available royalty-free to any theaters, community groups or colleges that want to produce The Pussy Grabber Plays. Information on how to join the movement is on our website, All we ask is for any proceeds to benefit a local or national organization that supports women.

We are so grateful and in awe of all of the women and men who have volunteered their time, passion and talent to this project. And we are grateful to you, for being a part of this movement

-Kate Pines and Sharyn Rothstein, Co-Founders of The Pussy Grabber Plays

Letter from the Truth-Tellers:

It has been said that in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. The truth-tellers taking part in this project did not intend to spearhead a revolution. We first came forward because it was simply the right thing to do.

We were strangers to each other—women of different ages, backgrounds, and dreams—linked by a common experience...the misconduct of one man, a man who would become president.

But with our act of speaking out, we became sisters. And today we come forward to you again— stronger and together—to take you inside our personal stories.

These accounts are important to hear and essential to remember because they are not only ours...they belong to millions of women.

And the more we tell them, the more we can change the world.

- Rachel Crooks, Tasha Dixon, Jill Harth, Samantha Holvey, Jessica Leeds, Natasha Stoynoff and Karena Virginia



Hippo can't find reasons to live. Phae helps him in whatever way she can. Two teenagers text their way through the loneliness of adolescence in Lily Akerman's inventive reimagining of Euripides' Hippolytus.

Hippo underwent a full development process at Hunter College-The City University of New York in March/April 2018. The play received a staged reading as the opener of The 2018 Rita and Burton Goldberg MFA Playwrights Festival at The Frederick Loewe Theatre (dir. Knud Adams). The text was then presented by Invulnerable Nothings in a staged reading at London’s Stockwell Playhouse on July 22, 2018, as directed by the playwright and featuring Mary Lou McCarthy, Callan Purcell, and Aimee Pollock. 


 Love's  Labour's Lost

Originally presented as part of The New York Public Library's commemoration of Shakespeare’s 400th death anniversary in April 2016, this gender-inverted telling is currently available as an interactive educational workshop featuring cue scripts. It was last featured at the 2018 New York Shakespeare Convention and is suited for schools and drama programs in both the US and UK.

“We all have particular favorites, in literature as in life, and I take more unmixed pleasure from Love’s Labour’s Lost than from any other Shakespearean play (…) Love’s Labour’s Lost is a festival of language, an exuberant fireworks display in which Shakespeare seems to seek the limits of his verbal resources, and discovers that there are none.” -Harold Bloom


 The Broken Heart: Fide Honor

This multimedia exploration of The Broken Heart (1633) explores Sparta as a surveillance state at peace, embracing the masqued delirium of John Ford’s greatest tragedy. The production will receivs a development lab through the generous support of Spaceworks and The Indie Theatre Fund in May/June 2019 as well as 3 lab showings at MITU580, Gowanus’ newest interdisciplinary arts space and the home of Theater Mitu. A piece of installation theatre, The Broken Heart: Fide Honor is particularly concerned with Ford’s poetic voice, that ‘distinct personal rhythm in blank verse which could be no one's but his alone’ (T.S. Eliot), and its relationship to the technologized violence of the play. Join us for the darkest wedding feast in English literature…

"Ford was of the first order of poets. He sought for sublimity, not by parcels in metaphors or visible images, but directly where she has her full residence in the heart of man; in the actions and sufferings of the greatest minds." -Charles Lamb, Specimens of English Dramatic Poets Who Lived About the Time of Shakespeare (1808)