Photo by Jordan Tiberio.


INVULNERABLE NOTHINGS is an international theatre collective committed to poetic language in performance, radically flat collaborative structures, and the theatrical activation of research and library centers. Founded in Brooklyn in 2016, Invulnerable Nothings has presented work at The New York Public Library, The Edinburgh Festival Fringe with Volcano Theatre Wales, AvignonLeOFF, The Brooklyn Art Library, The Sekrit Theater, The Bath Fringe Festival, and The Milk Bar Bristol, among others. 

Invulnerable Nothings is a proud member of The Indie Theater Fund and a signatory of the Protecting Actors Fringe Charter Agreement. 


INVULNERABLE NOTHINGS is grateful for the various support of 44AD, John Alfone, Roger Apfelbaum, Matthew Armstrong, Anastasia Auber, The Bath and North East Somerset Council, Jaclyn Bethany, Lindsea Bevington, April Bingham, The Brooklyn Art Library, Meredith Case, John Clark, Wendy Corn, Ashley Dennig, Steve Donie, Fractured Atlas,  The Garage International, Lawrence Gasda, The Harry Ransom Center, Kathryn Harvey, Hops and Grain, The Keats-Shelley Association of America, Coley Kellogg, Estee Kellogg, Anya Klepikov, Andrew Koger, Andrew Leisman and Julia Macalaster, Charlene & Tom Marsh, Erica McCarthy, The Metier Foundation, The Morgan Library, Michael Murphy, Suze Myers, Claudia Johnson, Mark Paredes, Marissa Passi, Steven Peterman, Amelia Raley, Beau Reichert, #Romantics200, Pamela Rose, Jessica Ryan, The Sekrit Theater, Jeremy Schroer, Tammy Starling, Alexandria Subia, Mary Anne Taylor, Irene Yardley, Jordan Tiberio, Tim Vasen, and Susan J. Wolfson.

Invulnerable Nothings is fiscally sponsored through Fractured Atlas, a nonprofit arts service organization that provides business tools and support for artists. 

To make a fully tax deductible gift to Invulnerable Nothings, please visit us here !

Note: As a fiscally sponsored project, contributions for the purposes of Invulnerable Nothings must be made payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax-deductible to the full extent permitted by United States law.


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